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ESL Powerpoint Lessons

  • Lessons for Pre-intermediate

  1. Comparatives: Which country is bigger? big, bigger

  2. Countries and capitals memory Game on Powerpoint

  3. Describing functions of a camera. Can it..? Does it..?

  4. Olympic sports: What games are usually played at the olympics?

  5. Petshop: Comparing the prices of animals: Parrots are as expensive as iguanas.

  6. Basic Polite expressions

  7. General Knowledge quiz: Geography, History, Science and Techno, culture

  8. Shopping for an Mp3 players(listening exercise- click on the picture to hear dialogue)

  9. Sport equipment: What do we need to play games with?-bat, helmet etc.

  10. Summer vacation: summer holiday activities.

  11. Superlatives: Which is the biggest...? Bi, bigger, the biggest.

  12. Travel: things to take: luggage etc.

  13. Travel: goint to go to Egypt: Using going to for future

  14. Vegetables: buying for vegetables

  15. What do we have to do? Job responsibilities

  16. electronic devices: The modern age

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