ESL Grammar & Vocabulary Quizzes

  • Quizzes for intermediate Levels

    1. Adjectives followed by prepositions
    2. Appropriate response matching quiz
    3. British Vs. American English vocabulary
    4. British vs. American English vocabulary 2
    5. British vs. American English vocabulary 3
    6. Business vocabulary quiz
    7. Computer vocabulary quiz
    8. Conjunctions Quiz,(so, until, because, when )
    9. Do or Make (similar meanings, difference in use)
    10. For or since grammar quiz
    11. Money and Banking words
    12. Past simple or past continuous?
    13. Personality adjectives
    14. prepositions quiz
    15. present perfect vs. Past simple
    16. present perfect vs. past simple 2
    17. Proverbs endings matching quiz
    18. Relative pronouns quiz
    19. using Since, for, last, ago,
    20. What's she like? (using LIKE to ask for descriptions)
    21. While or during?
    22. Olympic sports
    23. Countries of the world Crossword puzzle
    24. Countries Word Search puzzle quiz
    25. Second Conditional Quiz
    26. What's it made of ? Describing products
    27. What's it made of? Interactive word search

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