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Futonge N. kisito -

There are over 250 exercises in this ebook.The resources come in two varieties mainly:

  1. Printables Materials: worksheets, Flashcards, Powerpoint presentations. With these materials you can print and take to class as hard copies. The come in PDF, Ms Word and PPT formats.
  2. Computer-Assisted Teaching Materials: For teachers with computer access, you can use these materials for further ease your teaching. There are video Slides, Powerpoint presentation slides which are provided according to the needs of each unit.

Course resources

We provide these materials in units or chapters just like you would have in normal hard copies of course books. They start from unit 1 to unit 10 .

Each unit has most but not always all of the following resources:

Suggested lesson plan which guides you on how to use the resources. This should not prevent you from being as creative as possible in using these resources in teaching.

Every unit has one or two Powerpoint Presentations. The powerpoint presentations are ideal for introducing and practising new vocabulary of each unit. They have been designed to maximize understanding and therefore provide a rapid absorption of the language focus. Most of these presentations also have printable versions so you can still use the ideas where there are no computers in the classroom.

Flashcards have always been the the cornerstone of vocabulary presentation and practice in young learners' lessons. You can never go wrong with flashcards. Every unit has flashcards of mostly small and large sizes so that you can use all your flashcard game ideas. We have game ideas in the lesson plan to go with these cards but do not limit yourself to our ideas, when using them.

The video slides are the next most valuable resources for computer-assisted teaching. The video slides have audio recordings and basically teach the lesson. They can also be perfect companions for one-to-one teaching, revision and presentation of new language with minimal effort on the part of the teacher. With the videos, even parents with little knowledge of English can help young learners by guiding them to watch a couple of times and repeat.

When we teach a language, we mostly teach the four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. Our worksheets provide young learners with a jump-start to handwriting, reading and reinforced practice of vocabulary learnt.


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