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ESL PowerPoint Beginner Lessons

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  1. Lesson 1- My ABC-English Alphabet-
  2. Lesson 2- My favourite colours- Learn colours, red, blue etc.
  3. Lesson 3- My Family- People in the family, father, mother.
  4. Lesson 3- Farm Animals- Learn Animal names
  5. Lesson-5- My Toys - Where's my teddy?Kids toys
  6. Lesson-6- Clothes & Weather-
  7. Lesson-7- Zoo Animals- What animal is this? tiger, lion etc.
  8. Lesson-8- Fast food- What do you want to eat?
  9. Lesson-9- Drinks- What do you want to drink?
  10. Lesson-10-Days of the week-What day is today?
  11. Lesson-11-My pets- What pet do you like best?
  12. Lesson-12-Countries- Where are you from?
  13. Lesson-13-What fruit is this? It's an apple.
  14. Lesson-14-Weather- What's the weather like today?
  15. Lesson-15-My birthday- How old are you?
  16. Lesson-16-Shapes & colour- What shape is this?Free Download a) For Ipod b) For PC use
  17. Lesson-17-An apple, two apples- Singular vs. plural
  18. Lesson-18-My body- Parts of the body

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