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ESL PowerPoint Elementary Lessons

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  1. Lesson 1- Country names memory- using national hymns & flags
  2. Lesson 2- Time - What time is it?
  3. Lesson 3- Drinks- Something to drink.. Free Download
  4. Lesson 3- Jobs and occupations- Learn jobs vocabulary
  5. Lesson-5- Food quantifiers: a piece of, a bar of
  6. Lesson-6- The staff room furniture- office furniture vocabulary
  7. Lesson-7- Audio Devices
  8. Lesson-8- Vegetables -vegetable vocabulary, carrot, onion etc.
  9. Lesson-9- Meat and meals . something to eat
  10. Lesson-10-Months of the year -What day is today?
  11. Lesson-11-Prepositions of place- on, under, behind
  12. Lesson-12-Helping at home- How do you help at home?
  13. Lesson-13-School subjects. What subjects do you study at school?
  14. Lesson-14-Weather
  15. Lesson-15-weather 1
  16. Lesson-16-Popular sports - What sport do you like?
  17. Lesson-17- Where are you from?

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